China Glaze Prismatic Collection

Full Spectrum

Liquid Crystal

Optical Illusion




China Glaze Prismatic collection. Sorry for the crappy pics. These are supposed to be kind of duo-chrome, but I don’t really see it. Maybe liquid crystal. Otherwise, nice formula, this is 3 coats with top coat. Even though they’re not all that duo-chrome, they are pretty, but the colors are very close to each other so unless you’re like me and gotta catch’em all, you won’t need all of them.

Ah, I have so much to show you, my box of un-swatched is filled to the brim (OPI spiderman, vintage minnie, color club take wing, essie bridal and neons, etc etc). And, of course, I accidentally tore of my middle nail (on my swatching hand) into a super nubbin’. Hope I will be able to swatch again soon!

China Glaze The Hunger Games – part 1

Dress Me Up

Stone Cold

Mahogany Magic

Hook and Line

Foie Gras

Fast Track

I know absolutely nothing about the hunger games, and I still don’t. Well, I watched the trailer and figured out it was based on some books. So I have no clue if the colors match the theme, but I think they are weird for springtime. They would be great for autumn though. I’m impressed with the formula, is it just me or have the formulas gotten so much better lately?

Essie Tour de Finance

Tour de Finance

Tour de Finance (sunlight)

To Buy Or Not To Buy (this one has hidden shimmer/glitter in it, you can see it in the bottle)

Orange, it's obvious!

Olé Caliente

Navigate Her

A Crewed Interest

Essies spring collection. Very essie-like colors. Formula was good. Ah, I’m a bit stressed, I still have spring collections to swatch and the summer collections is starting to come up! Anyway, expect swatches of misas spring collection and china glaze hunger games collection next week! I also have color club magnetic force, china glaze prismatic and essie resort waiting in line for swatching.

China Glaze Electropop collection – lights

Sweet Hook

Kinect Candy

Gothic Lolita (shade)

Gothic Lolita (sunlight)

Fuchsia Fanatic

Electric Beat

Dance Baby

One half of the electropop collection. Surprisingly easy to polish with, I remember china glaze’s spring collection 2010 with a lot of pastels that could be a bit tricky to paint with, it seems that the work on polish formulas is going forward!