OPI The Amazing Spiderman Collection

Call Me Gwen-Ever

Your Web or Mine?

Number One Nemesis

My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Just Spotted The Lizard

Into The Night

OPI spiderman collection. You can tell by the quality of the swatches that I didn’t like this collection. Yeah, I’m like that, the less I like the collection the less I care about the photos. I’m sorry OPI, but what where you thinking? Your web or mine is just awful, and btw, I thought these were supposed to be the brights of this year? Also, the formulas were ok but I would expect more from opi, you can do so much better than this, both regarding formula AND colors! Well, the white one was a pretty good white, and just spotted the lizard is a cool duochrome. That’s about it. SON, I AM DISAPPOINT.

(These were sent to me for review)