OPI Holland part 4

Finally the last 3 of the holland collection. I did not save the best for last.

Gouda gouda two shoes. A warm dusty pink/beige with golden shimmer.

Wooden shoe like to know? A dusty brown with golden shimmer.

Vampsterdam. Ok, maybe it’s not a true frost bit still a terrible finish. It feels very outdated.

You can see the rest of the collection here

OPI Holland part 3

Did you ‘ear about Van Gogh? A greyish beige/clay kind of color. Pretty standard but nice.

Kiss me on my tulips. An intense pink creme, I love it!

Red lights ahead… where? Of course they had to reference the red lights district. I’m surprised they did not have a brown called space cake or something. Heh. Frankly, I don’t like when everyone associate Holland with whores and drugs. Aaanyway, this is a nice orange red, really bright.

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OPI Holland part 2

Thanks a windmillion. A light green greyish creme. I had a litte bit of trouble with this one, as you can have with light cremes, but nothing too serious.
A roll in the hague. An orange creme/jelly something. You just can’t have a holland collection without a good orange .D
Dutch’ya just love OPI? Dark purple with goldish shimmer, just a little bit more visible than one of those hidden shimmers.

Hopefully I will have the rest of holland swatched before the weekend is over!

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OPI Holland swatches part 1

I learned something the other day – don’t try to swatch 12 polishes in a few hours. It just won’t turn out good. But the 3 first turned out ok. All but the first is without top coat.

Pedal faster Suzi! It’s a light pink with silver specks/flecks/glitter. The super girly girl in me just loves this one. It’s just so… CUTE! This is 3 layers, it was a tiny bit sheer, but nothing I had troubles with.

I don’t give a Rotterdam! A light muted blue with the same silver particles as in pedal faster suzi. 3 layers, good formula.

I have a herring problem. Almost the same color as the prevouis but a bit more green/warm, it also has a bit more golden shimmer. 3 layers, good formula on this one as well.

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OPI Holland collection spring 2012

Yesterday I attended the press release for OPIs spring collection, Holland. I just want to say that I love OPIs press releases. They always try to do a bit extra and I really appreciate that. I like when companies realise how much these things matters.

During the event I was able to get some crappy pics of the Niki Minaj collection and the two new DS polishes.

I haven’t really decided what I think about the Holland collection yet, but I guess I will when I have swatched them all. For now, here are some bottle pics!

Red lights ahead… where?

Kiss me on my tulips

Thanks a windmillion

I have a herring problem

Dutch’ya just love OPI?

Vampsterdam (seriously OPI? A frost? What were you thinking?)

Wooden shoe like to know?

Did you ‘ear about Van Gogh?

I don’t give a Rotterdam!

Pedal faster Suzi!

Gouda gouda two shoes

A roll in the hague

So, what do you think so far? Is there anyone in particular you want to see swatched asap? Tell me!