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Orly Blush collection – spring 2014

Orly’s spring collection named Blush may not be the most exciting, but I think it’s surprisingly nice. Sometimes nice and safe is just what you want, you can’t be exciting all the time :)

Naked Canvas - hidden lavender shimmer
Naked Canvas – hidden lavender shimmer (you see it in the bottle)
Cheeky - a little sheer
Cheeky – a little sheer
Classic Contours
Classic Contours
Dare to Bare
Dare to Bare
First Blush
First Blush
Flawless Blush
Flawless Flush

These are all 3 coats. The formula on these are standard, i.e. pretty good but nothing spectacular. Some feel a little bit gel-ish, which I like.

Btw, it’s been ages since I read any blogs, so I have absolutely no clue on what you’re supposed to follow anymore. I would be super happy if any of you could give me some links, either to your own blog or someone else’s you think is worth following (or both) :)

O RLY? (second time I use this as a title…)

WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? I thought it was maybe two-three weeks since my last post, but I sure was wrong. I guess when you’re having fun (i.e. is too tired to do anything more advanced than breathing and maybe have something to eat) time flies by.

I have managed to aquire quite a lot of polishes though. I’ve thought about swatching but then my energy has just run out and it wasn’t until I got a mysterious package I finally gathered strenght to do something regarding polishes and such. The mysterious package (it was mysterious because I had no idea what it was or who sent it when I picked it up) revealed a golden box inside; containing OPI’s Skyfall collection! Did not expect. I will try to swatch it ASAP, but I hurt one of my cuticles and using nail polish remover hurts, but as soon as it heals I will start swathing like crazy (promise!).

I took some bottle pics of some of my newly(ish) aquired polishes, starting with the ones from Orly.

Dark Shadows – buried alive, mysterious curse, grave mistake, decades of dysfunction
Fired Up – glow, flare, flicker
Fired Up – ignite, rapture, smolder
Naughty or Nice – miss conduct, angel eyes, halo
Naughty or Nice – devil may care, torrid, unlawful


Orly Cool Romance collection

Artificial Sweetener
Steel Your Heart
You're Blushing
Prelude to a Kiss
Jealous, much?
Faint of Heart

All these were nice to work with (especially for being pastel!), jealous much was a bit watery but nothing that really disturbed me. I like these shades, I think Orly doesn’t get as much attention as they deserve!