Stem organics perfect complexion mask


I would guess a lot of people don’t think organic or natural skincare really work. But let me tell you, it certainly does. Maybe even better than the non-natural products, and let’s not forget the simple fact that it just feels better to use natural products than ones with a lot of chemicals. You’re going to put it on your skin, one of the most important parts of your body, at least I want to be very careful with what I use.

Stem organics perfect complexion mask does exactly was it says, gives you perfect complexion, or at least puts you on the express lane to it. It is deep cleansing, evens out skin tone, makes your skin feel healthy. I’ve used a lot of these kind of masks in the past, and never really seen any significant results, but this works. It makes me curious to try other products from Stem organics!

You can buy stem organics from their website, or if you live in Sweden you can buy it from or

Chilcas sauvignon blanc – organic white wine


My fiancé and I like to try new organic food and beverages, and that includes wine. I know absolutely nothing about wine, and that’s why I’m going to review it, and all the future wines we surely will try. Instead of saying it smells like this or that and have notes of that and this, I’m just going to tell you if it’s drinkable or not.

This wine was kind of thin and boring, but very easy to drink (i.e. not one of those harsh cat pee wines). That’s about it, it was ok but nothing more.

Sprouted wheat bread


Organic sprouted wheat and date bread. If you haven’t tried this kind of bread you have really missed something, this is so yummy! First of all it is of course a lot healthier than regular bread, and does not have the same consistency. It’s compact, but very moist. It almost feels like some sort of cake. Although I guess that if you’re not used to “healthy” food you will think it tastes weird (ie it’s not full of refined sugars and other nasty stuff most people is used to).

I eat this roasted with organic butter (sometimes with a little bit of jam or cheese) and it’s delicious! It’s too bad it is a little bit pricy, and not the easiest to find (not where I live anyway). My fiancé loves it too, so we have to restrict ourselves to not eat too much or we would be ruined!

Pukka nourishing brightener


This year I have really got into organic and natural skincare and makeup. I know, my love for the organic doesn’t quite go well with my love for nail polish.

I was fortunate to win a competition some weeks ago, and the prize was a couple of products from pukkas new organic and ayurvedic skincare line. One of the products was the nourishing brightener, a gentle exfoliator with 100% natural and organic content. I’ve used it a couple of times and I love it. I have really dry skin, specially in the winter, so I need a good exfoliator to keep my skin alive. This gets rid of any flaky skin and makes my skin feel and look a lot more smoother, brighter and cleaner. I have to say that using it can get a bit messy, and, it kind of looks like you’re rubbing horse poop all over your face, but considering the results I don’t care. When my jar is empty, I will definitely buy a new one. And I almost never get the same thing twice!

You can buy pukka at their website, or if you live in stockholm, at the following stores: Visage, Gryningen and Lifeland.