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OPI Neon Summer 2014

Idag är det fyra år sedan jag skrev mitt första nagellacksblogginlägg. Jag hade tänkt fira detta med att ge mig in i FOTD-vevan, men så fick jag hem OPIs nya neon-kollektion inför sommaren och tänkte att vem vill se min trista nuna när man kan få se swatches på neoner istället! .D

Denna kollektion består av 6 neonfärger (jag vet dock inte om jag riktigt tycker de är så extremt neoniga?), och även ett nytt baslack som ska användas med färgerna för att få de att ‘poppa’ som man säger på svengelska. Lackerna är lite halvskira i färgerna, och som neoner ofta gör, torkar lite matt. Formulan är som förväntad, neoner kan ju vara lite småtrixiga ibland, men jag tycker inte att dessa är så farliga. Med undantaget av den lila (Push & Pur-Pull), den var lite seg (?) och svår att få jämn, och är ens lager inte precis jämntjocka på alla fingrar syns det rätt väl. Jag var dessutom tvungen att lägga 3 lager för att få färgen jämn på nageln, och då blev ju tyvärr färgen rätt mörk och neonkänslan försvann. Swatcharna är gjorda med ett tjockt eller två tunna lager av det tillhörande baslacket (men gissar att vilket vitt lack som helst funkar för ‘pop’-effekten), och sedan två lager färg (förutom den lila, dårå) och topplack. Jag har en känsla av att det kanske är meningen att man bara ska ha ett lager färg, men jag tyckte det var så himla svårt att få det jämnt och snyggt då.

Dessa kommer att finnas i butik från mitten av maj.

Push & Pur-Pull
Push & Pur-Pull
Your Are So Outta Lime!
Your Are So Outta Lime!
Down To The Core-Al
Down To The Core-Al (shimmer)
Hotter Than You Pink
Hotter Than You Pink (shimmer)
Juice Bar Hopping
Juice Bar Hopping
Life Gave Me Lemons
Life Gave Me Lemons
Base Coat - Put A Coat On!
Base Coat – Put A Coat On!

English: For summer OPI is giving us 6 neon shades and a new base coat to make the colors ‘pop’. The formula is like neons sometimes is, a bit tricky but nothing I would worry about, except for the purple (Push & Pur-Pull), I just couldn’t get that one to look ok. Maybe with a lot of patience. The swatches are all one thick or two thin coats of the base coat (but I guess any white polish will do just fine), two coats of color and then top coat. Except the purple. I had to do three coats of color and it still didn’t look nice. Sorry. My guess is that you’re supposed to do only one coat of color, but I thought it was too hard to get it nice and even with only one. But I’m not sure.

These were sent to me for review.

OPI Germany Collection Part 2

My Very First Knockwurst
Schnapps Out Of It! (awful color, but awesome formula… like a one-coater!)
Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! (dries darker than the color in the bottle)
Suzi & The 7 Düsseldorfs
Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue
Every Month Is Oktoberfest (!!! this one is sooooo pretty)

The second part of OPI’s Germany collection for fall. I like these colors as well, with the exception of ‘Scnapps out of it’ that’s just… ugly. Formula was great on these too.

This might not be the most exciting collection, but I think it serves it purpose well as a fall collection, and after my visit to Berlin I actually think they picked nice colors for being inspired by Germany. If you’re only going to get one color out of this collection, let it be ‘Every Month Is Oktoberfest’ because it is SO beautiful, doesn’t look like much in the bottle but once on the nail it’s really pretty.

(these were given to me for review)

OPI Germany Collection Part 1

Berlin There Done That
Danke-Shiny Red
Deutsche You Want Me Baby
Don’t Pretzel My Buttons
Don’t Talk Bach To Me
German-icure by OPI

First part of opi’s germany collection. At first, I wasn’t impressed by these colors, but they’ve grown on me. Now that I have tried half of them, and the swedish summer is so gloomy you easily get into an autumn mood, I realize these are great and beautiful colors for autumn. Oh, and the formula? Awesome. Most of these only needed two coats, but I did three and they all went on smoothly.

(these were given to me for review)

OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection

If You Moust You Moust
Nothin’ Mousie ’bout it (over If you moust you moust)
The Color Of Minnie (a little bit of shimmer in it)
I’m All Ears

Opi Vintage Minne Mouse Collection. This collection makes much more sense than the spiderman. The formula is standard OPI (i.e. it’s good or great) and the colors are pretty. It can be a bit tricky to apply the heart shaped glitter but otherwise these are very easy to paint with. My favorite is I’m all ears, I don’t know why but I love these kind of colors!

(these were sent to me for review).

OPI The Amazing Spiderman Collection

Call Me Gwen-Ever
Your Web or Mine?
Number One Nemesis
My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Just Spotted The Lizard
Into The Night

OPI spiderman collection. You can tell by the quality of the swatches that I didn’t like this collection. Yeah, I’m like that, the less I like the collection the less I care about the photos. I’m sorry OPI, but what where you thinking? Your web or mine is just awful, and btw, I thought these were supposed to be the brights of this year? Also, the formulas were ok but I would expect more from opi, you can do so much better than this, both regarding formula AND colors! Well, the white one was a pretty good white, and just spotted the lizard is a cool duochrome. That’s about it. SON, I AM DISAPPOINT.

(These were sent to me for review)

OPI Holland part 4

Finally the last 3 of the holland collection. I did not save the best for last.

Gouda gouda two shoes. A warm dusty pink/beige with golden shimmer.

Wooden shoe like to know? A dusty brown with golden shimmer.

Vampsterdam. Ok, maybe it’s not a true frost bit still a terrible finish. It feels very outdated.

You can see the rest of the collection here

OPI Holland part 3

Did you ‘ear about Van Gogh? A greyish beige/clay kind of color. Pretty standard but nice.

Kiss me on my tulips. An intense pink creme, I love it!

Red lights ahead… where? Of course they had to reference the red lights district. I’m surprised they did not have a brown called space cake or something. Heh. Frankly, I don’t like when everyone associate Holland with whores and drugs. Aaanyway, this is a nice orange red, really bright.

See the rest of the collection here

OPI Holland part 2

Thanks a windmillion. A light green greyish creme. I had a litte bit of trouble with this one, as you can have with light cremes, but nothing too serious.
A roll in the hague. An orange creme/jelly something. You just can’t have a holland collection without a good orange .D
Dutch’ya just love OPI? Dark purple with goldish shimmer, just a little bit more visible than one of those hidden shimmers.

Hopefully I will have the rest of holland swatched before the weekend is over!

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OPI Holland swatches part 1

I learned something the other day – don’t try to swatch 12 polishes in a few hours. It just won’t turn out good. But the 3 first turned out ok. All but the first is without top coat.

Pedal faster Suzi! It’s a light pink with silver specks/flecks/glitter. The super girly girl in me just loves this one. It’s just so… CUTE! This is 3 layers, it was a tiny bit sheer, but nothing I had troubles with.

I don’t give a Rotterdam! A light muted blue with the same silver particles as in pedal faster suzi. 3 layers, good formula.

I have a herring problem. Almost the same color as the prevouis but a bit more green/warm, it also has a bit more golden shimmer. 3 layers, good formula on this one as well.

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