Misa Surreal Escape

Last week I ordered my first new polishes in ages. And I mean AGES. I don’t think I’ve bought any in a year. Crazy, I know! For some reason, the collection (because I like to buy whole collections!) I started with is Misas Surreal Escape. I took some bottle pics the other day, but now looking at them I realise they kinda suck. I guess it was too long since I did polish photografy ,D

Grey Matters & Phazers On Stunning

Beyond Infinity & That Great Green Whatsit

Spaced Out & Shields Up

I haven’t tried any yet, but I’m looking forward to the duochromes! .D Pictures of them on the nails will come very soon. I also have the OPI Touring America collection to show you. Even though I guess you’ve seen it to death. I know I’m late.