NOTD: Orly Mysterious Curse

Idag kände jag för något lite mörkt och mystiskt på naglarna, och grävde fram ett gammalt lack med ett mycket passande namn, nämligen Mysterious Curse från Orly. Den är från Dark Shadows-kollektionen som kom ut nån gång 2012, i samband med filmen. Lite rinnig formula, krävde 3 lager för täckning men kändes ok ändå.

/NOTD: Mysterious Curse from Orly’s Dark Shadows collection (2012).

ORLY - Mysterious Curse

ORLY – Mysterious Curse

O RLY? (second time I use this as a title…)

WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? I thought it was maybe two-three weeks since my last post, but I sure was wrong. I guess when you’re having fun (i.e. is too tired to do anything more advanced than breathing and maybe have something to eat) time flies by.

I have managed to aquire quite a lot of polishes though. I’ve thought about swatching but then my energy has just run out and it wasn’t until I got a mysterious package I finally gathered strenght to do something regarding polishes and such. The mysterious package (it was mysterious because I had no idea what it was or who sent it when I picked it up) revealed a golden box inside; containing OPI’s Skyfall collection! Did not expect. I will try to swatch it ASAP, but I hurt one of my cuticles and using nail polish remover hurts, but as soon as it heals I will start swathing like crazy (promise!).

I took some bottle pics of some of my newly(ish) aquired polishes, starting with the ones from Orly.

Dark Shadows – buried alive, mysterious curse, grave mistake, decades of dysfunction

Fired Up – glow, flare, flicker

Fired Up – ignite, rapture, smolder

Naughty or Nice – miss conduct, angel eyes, halo

Naughty or Nice – devil may care, torrid, unlawful