Ice cream for breakfast?

Yes you can! If it’s the raw food version of ice cream, that is. This is what I had for breakfast yesterday:

Doesn’t it look totally delicious? Would you have guessed it doen’t contain any dairy products at all? This is just a little bit of apple, frozen bananas och raspberries (and a small amount of maple syrup for a little more sweetness). It tastes like something in between ice cream and sorbet. With the banana as a base, you can do all sorts of ice cream flavours. Just add what you like. I love coffee ice cream so I will try to do that later. Of course, that won’t be totally raw, but still better than the original.

Unfortunately, since it’s cold, it actually isn’t all too good to eat for breakfast if you live in a country like Sweden during this time of year. During the winter it’s better to eat something warm in the morning, otherwise you won’t feel so great during the day. But feel free to eat it later! It’s a perfect way to eat more fruit.