I love my new shaker!

Ok, what kind of shaker you use for your diet shakes or whatever maybe doesn’t do much difference, but having a nice one makes it a little more fun. I love my new one, it’s a Smartshake v2 in mutant edition. Smartshake is actually a swedish invention! It’s first of all a great shaker because it eliminates lumps excellent, second it has two extra compartments that you can screw on the bottom, if you want to take with you some extra portions or store supplements. I bought mine from Amazon but if you live in Sweden you can buy it from Gymgrossisten.

Just look at that light minty green color, it makes me happy.

Smartshake v2 mutant edition

My new favorite food

I have to tell you about something I have become to love. It’s called chia seeds and it’s the most beautiful little seeds filled with healthy energy. Just look at it!

The aztecs used to eat this stuff and no wonder why, it contains lots of omega 3, magnesium, calcium, iron, proteins and antioxidants, among other. You can eat it  in many ways but this is how I do it:

I pour milk into a small bowl, and mix in the chia seeds. Then I wait for it to become like a pudding (takes about 10-20 minutes). I add some chopped up dried fruit and then enjoy it.    Did I say I love this stuff? .D