Orly Blush collection – spring 2014

Orly’s spring collection named Blush may not be the most exciting, but I think it’s surprisingly nice. Sometimes nice and safe is just what you want, you can’t be exciting all the time :)

Naked Canvas - hidden lavender shimmer

Naked Canvas – hidden lavender shimmer (you see it in the bottle)

Cheeky - a little sheer

Cheeky – a little sheer

Classic Contours

Classic Contours

Dare to Bare

Dare to Bare

First Blush

First Blush

Flawless Blush

Flawless Flush

These are all 3 coats. The formula on these are standard, i.e. pretty good but nothing spectacular. Some feel a little bit gel-ish, which I like.

Btw, it’s been ages since I read any blogs, so I have absolutely no clue on what you’re supposed to follow anymore. I would be super happy if any of you could give me some links, either to your own blog or someone else’s you think is worth following (or both) :)

6 thoughts on “Orly Blush collection – spring 2014

  1. Hur kan jag ha missat den här kollektionen? Både Cheeky och First Blush ser ju superläckra ut! Kul att du är tillbaka!

  2. Vad kul att du är tillbaka. Superfina swatches. Mig får du gärna följa. :) Har inte bloggat på några dagar men snart är jag igång igen.

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