OPI Germany Collection Part 2

My Very First Knockwurst
Schnapps Out Of It! (awful color, but awesome formula… like a one-coater!)
Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! (dries darker than the color in the bottle)
Suzi & The 7 Düsseldorfs
Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue
Every Month Is Oktoberfest (!!! this one is sooooo pretty)

The second part of OPI’s Germany collection for fall. I like these colors as well, with the exception of ‘Scnapps out of it’ that’s just… ugly. Formula was great on these too.

This might not be the most exciting collection, but I think it serves it purpose well as a fall collection, and after my visit to Berlin I actually think they picked nice colors for being inspired by Germany. If you’re only going to get one color out of this collection, let it be ‘Every Month Is Oktoberfest’ because it is SO beautiful, doesn’t look like much in the bottle but once on the nail it’s really pretty.

(these were given to me for review)


  1. Rea

    Most of the polishes don’t really impress me and actually I don’t really see the connection to Germany, but whatever, German-icure by OPI looks SO pretty! I guess I want it, hopefully I’ll have my money ready :D

    • krex

      No, it’s certainly not a ‘wow’ collection, but nice colors I think. Also, if I remember correctly the colors are inspired by the german fashion houses fall collections, and the graffiti (!) and architecture in Berlin .D

  2. Julia, June's abstracts

    Jag älskar’t. Don’t Talk Bach To Me, Every Month Is Oktoberfest, Suzi & The 7 Düsseldorfs och German-icure By OPI står på min önskelista i alla fall. Jag kommer nog slå till på dem om någon vecka eller två.

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