China Glaze Prismatic Collection

Full Spectrum

Liquid Crystal

Optical Illusion




China Glaze Prismatic collection. Sorry for the crappy pics. These are supposed to be kind of duo-chrome, but I don’t really see it. Maybe liquid crystal. Otherwise, nice formula, this is 3 coats with top coat. Even though they’re not all that duo-chrome, they are pretty, but the colors are very close to each other so unless you’re like me and gotta catch’em all, you won’t need all of them.

Ah, I have so much to show you, my box of un-swatched is filled to the brim (OPI spiderman, vintage minnie, color club take wing, essie bridal and neons, etc etc). And, of course, I accidentally tore of my middle nail (on my swatching hand) into a super nubbin’. Hope I will be able to swatch again soon!

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