things you have to do

Ok, I admit it, I got myself an iphone, and apparently it’s mandatory to get an instagram account if you do (not really, but it seems that way). So I did it. If anyone is interested in a more casual and boring look at my everyday life, my username is krexperplex.

This is my profile picture. I love it (mostly because I love my casemate monsta)

Procrastinator? No, I’m just a waiter.

And I don’t mean like a waitress, but someone who waits to do things. Because I’m waiting for something. Swatch nail polish? No, I’ll wait until my new macro lens arrives (not that there is /anything/ wrong with the expensive one I already use). Start dieting with shakes? No, I have to wait until the new fancy shaker I ordered arrives (although I could keep borrowing my fiances shaker). Start my new life? No, I’ll wait until monday because it’s ‘easier’ to begin something new when a new week begins. That’s what I do. Wait. And nothing gets done because I always have something else or new to wait for. I really need to stop doing this, and the first step is to try stopping it /now/, and not wait until monday.

Anyway, here’s some photos I’ve taken the last days. Really need to do that more often, since it gets me out of the apartment (yep, still not very keen on getting outside).