OPI Holland collection spring 2012

Yesterday I attended the press release for OPIs spring collection, Holland. I just want to say that I love OPIs press releases. They always try to do a bit extra and I really appreciate that. I like when companies realise how much these things matters.

During the event I was able to get some crappy pics of the Niki Minaj collection and the two new DS polishes.

I haven’t really decided what I think about the Holland collection yet, but I guess I will when I have swatched them all. For now, here are some bottle pics!

Red lights ahead… where?

Kiss me on my tulips

Thanks a windmillion

I have a herring problem

Dutch’ya just love OPI?

Vampsterdam (seriously OPI? A frost? What were you thinking?)

Wooden shoe like to know?

Did you ‘ear about Van Gogh?

I don’t give a Rotterdam!

Pedal faster Suzi!

Gouda gouda two shoes

A roll in the hague

So, what do you think so far? Is there anyone in particular you want to see swatched asap? Tell me!

One thought on “OPI Holland collection spring 2012

  1. Pedal faster Suzi!,Thanks a windmillion, Kiss me on my tulips ser ut att vara mina favoriter! och whats with the glitter designer series?? det ser ju megaglittrigt ut! har du dom också?

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