Essie Winter 11

Essies winter collection (if you can call it a collection, it was only 3 colors) 09 is something I will always hold dear, it’s a long story why, but they have sort of a connection to the love between me and my fiance (yep, I got engaged!).

This winters collection is kind of a sober one I think. And I like it. Apparently I’m not in the mood for crazy colors. A nice creme polish is want I want right now, and these are just right.

Brooch The Subject & School of Hard Rocks

Size Matters & Bobbing for Baubles


Cocktail Bling & Bangle Jangle

School of hard rocks is a little bit more on the muted green side, but my camera hates those colors so it shows up more blue than it is. Same drill here, swatches will come later.